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miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

76 Semesters (Personal)

Blogging has been limited lately, because it’s the end of term and I have a lot of things to do (plus get ready for an extended visit to Oxford starting soon.) But today was a bit of a personal landmark. Regular readers may know that I’m taking early retirement from Princeton — which has been a wonderful place for me, but I’m just overextended — and taking up an appointment at CUNY Graduate Center, one with limited teaching.

And this morning I gave my last class — my last class at Princeton, and if we don’t count the graduate seminars I’ll give at CUNY, we could say my last class period.

I started as an assistant professor at Yale in the fall of 1977. So I’ve been a college professor for 76 semesters. It’s been a great ride. But time to move on.

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